Assistance for Angular Cheilitis or Chapped Lips

Published: 08th May 2008
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Chapped and cracked lips could get worse when left untreated, and they are extremely excruciating. When bacterial and fungal infection come in, you can develop angular cheilitis. This is a kind of lip sore that's so extreme that it becomes defiant of treatment.

The victim will have a difficult time speaking and eating because of these unsightly sores. The deep cracks at the corner of the mouth bleeds upon movement such as eating and speaking movements.

When the lesions bleed, the presence of ulcers on the infected spot is imminent. With various movements of the mouth, lesions covered by dry scabs bleed again. The staph or the yeast fungus and viral infections add to the infection, making the condition worse.

The elderly, teenagers, and children who are afflicted distance themselves from their friends and develop personality issues. Many people don't know that angular cheilitis isn't infectious, though its inflamed and bleeding appearance can be threatening. Looking for medical assistance can pinpoint the cause and the correct treatment for the infection.

The condition is often triggered and worsened by the lack of folate, Vitamin B12, riboflavin, and iron. A dermatologist should also be sought out because there is presence of dry skin.

Angular cheilitis is sometimes a symptom of other diseases like iron deficiency anemia and upper esophageal area diseases. For proper treatment and diagnosis, immediately seek out a dentist or doctor. It can take a long time to treat the condition.

The recurrence and manifestation of the sores can be stopped by getting medical attention at the correct time. The mouth, a location that is totally visible, makes the infection more of a problem. It's also uncomfortable, excruciating, and sensitive.

Treatments that are more common are anti-fungal and viral drugs, prescription of vitamins, and treatment for oral thrush, which usually accompanies the infection. It is recommended to seek medical help at once because if the condition is left unhealed, it'll lower your immune system and make you susceptible to other diseases and health issues.

Because bacteria breeds in ill-fitting dentures, these can also cause angular cheilitis. Soaking the dentures in a prescribed solution can stop the presence of bacteria.

It is not recommended to self-medicate for cracked lips because these may have side effects. A dermatologist can treat the swelling with topical solutions.

Most medical practitioners offer alternative solutions to the common treatment of angular cheilitis and cracked lips. Sufferers can gain back their self-confidence and have normal lives again with the offered solutions.

You should get medical assistance if you or a loved one are suffering from angular cheilitis.

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